Help Needed


I’m in need of a few helpers for a small social experiment. I will be watching the social aspects of a school in the UAE. And, it would be immensely helpful, if I could get some volunteers.

The experiment focuses primarily on…isolation?

We’ll call it that…

Any who are interested, should contact me via email for privacy purposes.

When emailing me, please let me know about yourself and expertise. Depending on your email, I will select you to assist me on this endeavor.


Salutations Citizens of Earth!

So…I’m back. Actually, I’m not really back. I’m simply bored. I tend to get bored easily. Please accept my apology for falling off of the writingsnake train. But, I still would like to continue to cultivate this site in some manner.

Therefore, I shall try to do some interactive blogging and maybe a few updates. School ended yesterday, I MADE IT THROUGH THE YEAR!!!

Next year… high school. I’m desperately hoping it’ll be fine.

To conclude this meaningless piece of trash I have donated to internet, calling it an “update”, I would like to ask for book suggestions.

I don’t care for your Divergent, Hunger Games, Young Adult Crap, I’m searching for some hardcore fantasy thrillers, good literature, excellent classics. Particularly, I’m searching for a good fiction fantasy prose that examines the tribulations and problems of the “human condition”… I think I made up a term, a piece that questions society. Let’s do that. Something that possesses the characteristics of excellent language, great imagery, beautiful style, and voice.

Maybe, you people will come up with something…I kind of doubt it.


Moving away from my friends has sort of wrecked it for me. No matter how hard you try to keep in touch and stay good friends, it’s not possible. You have time zone differences. Everyone has their own schedule. It doesn’t work and it leaves me feeling pretty crappy. I guess all good things must come to an end.

Just Something To Think About

Don’t take this tooooo seriously. There are a lot of flaws in this argument.

Society has always valued intelligence. It has appeared as level-headedness and prudence. It has been interpreted as innovative ideas. The concept of intelligence is subjective. Yet, society exalts and ostracizes people based on their tier of intellect.

The hierarchy of intelligence can be found in almost every environment. The masses are taught to participate in a superiority complex erected on these principles. Children from a young age are encouraged to parade around and to flaunt their precocious abilities, the ones not as adept are left to feel inferior. Often times, people will deliver a certain quota of respect based on how smart they perceive a person to be. This practice has lead to the creation of a humor invented on these concepts. Thus resulting in the deterioration of self-esteem of those subject to the jesting.

Along with the obvious divisions between intellect levels, assumptions having to deal with socioeconomic groups and ethnicity are formed. Due to these preconceived notions, society misses innovative ideas and opportunities coming from different ethnic groups. An example of this can be observed via the Ebola epidemic. Automatically, the world looks toward the western community for a cure, when there are qualified specialists whom are capable of assisting in the subsidy of the epidemic. This custom is not only present now, but it has also been prevalent throughout history.

Problems such as this would be less common, if society was aware of the element of subjectivity present in the concept of intelligence. The masses are being encouraged to rationalize and partake in the monstrosity that is this ranking. It is crucial that these views should be contrasted with the teachings of acceptance and individualism. If not, this hierarchy will continue to be a long-term overbearing guest in our way of life.

Comparing Two Songs: Modest Mouse’s Satellite Skin vs.Stromae’s Carmen ( I feel my essays in school are being neglected.)

This is just another essay I have written in class. It is thrown together because I only had an hour or so to finish. I just want someone to actually read my stuff. So…. I’m posting it for you guys.

   At first listen, the songs Satellite Skin by Modest Mouse and Carmen by Stromae appear to have no similarities in existence. This is valid, if one were considering the obvious external qualities of the song. But, the lyrics of both songs engulf resembling themes and concepts. The main differing element is in the method of presenting these themes.
     Concerning the external aspects of the songs, the most differing quality is blatantly obvious. Stromae’s piece is in French. While, Modest Mouse’s work is in English. Indeed, Modest Mouse’s usage of the English language is laborious to decipher despite English being their native tongue, but it still qualifies as English. Whilst,Stromae’s French is clear and precise to understand.  An additional influential component of the song is having to do with the genre or styling of the music. Stromae’s specialty is in electonica,rap, dance music. On the contrasting end of the spectrum, Modest Mouse creates alternative grunge rock. But the journey of finding apposing characteristics of the song begins to come to an end with the latter of the points.
     Then it is time to embark on the arduous feat of finding the similarities between the two works of art. Only when one begins to elucidate on the concepts and themes hidden within the lyrics, will they be able to discover the elusive similarities. In Stromae’s Carmen, he questions are dependency on social media. He particularly extrapolates on the concept of, how the masses have transformed a simple method of communicating into an overpowering entity. And, this entity can make a person or break a person. The same concept recurs in Modest Mouse’s Satellite Skin. Modest Mouse questions societies utilization of religion and views it as too overbearing. And ultimately, being used to control the masses.
      In conclusion, the songs Satellite Skin and Carmen are distressingly different. But if one looks further than the shallow surface, parallels between the song do exist. Both songs cause perplexing thoughts concerning how society functions and its structure. It is intriguing how two contrasting pieces of work can both ignite deep thought.

Papaoutai – Stromae

This was a song request from Zoey. Please be aware that I do acknowledge song request. This is another song by Stromae, probably one of his more popular songs.  Papaoutai translate into Where are you father? I love this song and it has an extremely catchy chorus that makes you feel really awesome. The song is about some of Stromae’s frustration with having an absent father. His father was a Rwandan architect and absent most of the time. But, he was later killed in the genocide that took place in Rwanda. I admire how the song is serious but has a happy, sunshine, rainbow, tune. That is flawless.

If you absolutely must need a translation to fully enjoy the song; here is the link.

Also a popular a capella group, that I am in love with did a cover of the song. Now they didn’t do this cover a capella because they had LINDSEY STERLING COME AND DO THE COVER WITH THEM!!!! And, one of their members plays the cello and did a duet with Lindsey Sterling. In conclusion, this is an amazing cover.

However, I don’t know which version of the song I like best. So, vote to see which is more popular.

Ta Fete – Stromae

This is a song by Stromae. I love this guy. I will be posting various pieces by him. He is half Flemish half Rwandan, he is Belgian, and sings in French. The guy is amazing. If you actually take the time to decipher the lyrics based on the French you may know or…. searching up translation, you can tell he is talking about some serious stuff in his work. This song is quite light, but some of the stuff I will be posting in the future by him is just PERFECT! He is an extremely popular artist in Europe. Even public officials in the government, listen to him.

Enjoy…. but keep in mind that what I think is also opinionated, so you may not enjoy it.

I’m also putting the link to his music video down here. It includes translation and adds the element of visual stimulation.